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Tracey Payton

Anti Overwhelm Coach

I am a Clarity coach, trainer and reiki master. I currently live in Arizona with my husband and two dogs. 


Originally from Southern California, born and raised. I went to the same high school as my husband, but we did not meet until several years after I graduated.

I went to law school and began working in corporate America at an insurance company.  I really loved the education and knowledge of school and had a few good years; however, the job did not fuel my passions. 


At that same time, I returned to my Girl Scouting roots as a leader for several ages of girls.  My husband and I also started volunteering for a local dog rescue. These two passions were helpful to start to fill my soul, but there was still so much busyness that came from working, commuting and living life.

Through transformation coaching I learned there was a different way to live in all that busyness and knew I needed to share this with others. In transformational coaching (which is about habit change), we will examine what is going on now, discovering what obstacles or challenges might be standing in your way, and choosing a clear course of action to make your dreams and goals a reality. Coaching creates a judgment free zone that operates with complete confidentiality and trust so you’re able to be more open and honest with yourself. 

After experiencing this transformation, I knew part of my passion was to share these tools and techniques. I became a certified Health and Life Coach through the Health Coach Institute (HCI). I also completed a transformation coaching method program with HCI and have gone on to work as an Empowerment Coach for several years. I have also incorporated the studies and practices of Reiki to help continue to create calm and inner peace for myself and clients. Most recently I have become certified in the CIJ Clarity Catalyst and The Culture Catalyst which are proven life changing programs based on a Stanford University Master's Degree Program.


All of this training, learning and exploring has allowed me to offer amazing transformations to my clients.  I look forward to helping you find your own clarity.

Fun Facts

  • I am an only child but I had an imaginary friend growing up named Jonathan

  • In 2015 I completed my first and only sprint triathlon

  • I love baseball and one of our summer adventures is visiting MLB parks - so far I have visited 13

  • My dog Shelby is named after a Ford Shelby Mustang

  • I have been a Girl Scout for 38 years and have been blessed to travel the world with Scouts


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